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          Avery will show his support for children with cancer by shaving his head
          with Team Pack 96 on March 6th.
          Please help him raise money to help find the cure for childrens cancer
          St Baldricks Foundation is 2nd only to the US goverment
          in funding childrens cancer research.

          Click here to visit Avery's donation page at St Baldricks website.

          St Baldricks Foundation


          Also viewable on uTube

          Minions Webbers, So real we fool spiders.

          The home of
          Minions Webbers Cob Web Shooters & Boomer Series Air Cannons.

          We supply you with a very select line of the finest quality halloween effectsand ambience products to set the tone of your haunt.

          MinionsWeb is notabout sales, its about helping you make your haunt all you want it to become. We are afamily operation, much like your family. We too haveall the trials and tribulations of everyday life.

          In our Products pages (It's the home of Minions Webbers and Boomer Series Air Cannons) you will find a vast variety oforiginal hand made effects and props such as ourcobweb guns, cob web materials, web spinners, our exclusive fire safe hot melt adhesive webbing glue sticks, our Boomer series true air cannons, and our SuperBright LED PAR spot light bulbs(our specialties)

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          The Reference section has the Hallow-links list - teeming with general halloween information, project pages, and suppliers ofall items for your haunt, home, charity & professional.
          www.hallow-links.com halloween projects sources and information pages


          The gatherings list - most comprehensive list of gatherings, conventions, expositions, trade shows, make & takes you can hope to find.

           A collection of techniques and tips gleaned from haunters over the years.   

          The ever required and expanding listing ofepitaphs, links and photos of tombstone & crypts for reference from a number of locations.   

          The Wavs Sound Effects, IC Fear Video & and Micheal Bruners games FTPs, recipes,and listsof songs & flicks to make your halloween festivities complete.

          The Projects section contains my how to pages showing you stepby step directions to make your own props to add to yourhaunt.

          The Haunt section is about our home haunt, including invitation ideas,pictures and video from past years.

          The About section has our history, recent information, contact information, & FAQS

          What is a minion?

          If you like to discuss halloween year round,
          there are many emailing lists and forums on the internet, hosted in a variety of locations.
          You can find links and descriptions to many from the hallow-links.compage.

          2 lists created by MinionsWeb.com inyahoo groups arespecific in scope.
          They are open to anyone, and I encourage you to join them.

          EerieHaunts Regional Chat & Email List

          EerieHaunts is a regional group devoted to the interests of haunters around Lake Erie (get it).
          Here you can discuss anything haunt oriented.

          This is also your best source for details regarding Make 'n Take gatherings & seminars,
          including topics, dates, times, locations, details in the vicintity of Lake "Eerie"

          Technical Insanity
          Technical Insanity Prop Builders Discussion Group

          Technical Insanity

          Dead-icated to the creation, technical challenges incurred,a show place of,
          and as a sounding board for all to discussevery aspect of concept, design, building,
          and operations as a home, non profit or professional prop and effects builder
          The list is Halloween based, tho not exclusively.
          All haunt / holiday, interior / exterior, theater / stage, movie / film, event,
          dark ride / amusement park, and zoo display makers are welcome here!

          Openly discuss question all aspects of creating events and displays,
          such as lighting, mechanisms, audio / sound, retail item modifications,
          FX, computer / electronics control, animatronics, construction methods,
          sources, safety, security, any matter involved in making and staging props
          to take your haunted house or theme display to the next level of insanity.

          We are the webs largest no nonsense Prop Makers Think Tank email list.

          We are open to all prop makers (not just haunters) from the beginner to pro or evil genius.

          Another year has passed here at MinionsWeb.com

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